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" Objective of Efficiency and Productivity by Automation towards Digital Economy and Circular Economy Solutions ! Corporate and Social Mechanic with Software and Consulting Toolbox ! Bringing Practices of biggest and best Automated players , Kaizen, JIT to MSME and People for Ease, Simplicity, Saving Selling ,Real-Time, Reliable data and Transactions. Easy and affordable solutions are B2B+B2C+POS+Logistics+Field Force management."

ZoHukum Genie on Palm solves and serves 30+ industries. Focus is on Modular Platform from Raw Material / Plant / Vendor to Manufacturing Unit / Quality / Head Office analysis to Super-stockist, Stockiest, Distributors, Dealers, Retailers and Finally End Consumer Retailer/Wholesaler. All are supported with logistics, people, tracking, dashboards, reports and Integration. This Covers Primary.Secondary, Tertiary Sales and Modern Trade.

Retailers Solutions On-line Store & POS

Complete CRM and SRM. CRM helps in managing own Customers & SRM to manage and get the best out of sellers. Deal with your known Sellers & Customers. Create your own buying and selling of fresh and used products

Supply Chain and Dealer Management SCM, DMS

Bottom Up , Top Down and Lateral Approach. Forward and Backward Coverage of the Processes. Reverse ordering and analysis tools for retailers and distributors with invoicing. 3 ways to order and 4 ways to pay. 6 Transaction Types, Modular Platform select one by one and automate in step or at one go. Bring Each and every connection on the same platform for maximum real time transactions, finances, inventories and dispatches. Improve Savings , Control, Sales and Profits.

Sales Force Automation, Delivery, Social and Security Solutions,

Tertiary Sales and Hyper Delivery connected with On-line Store and POS covering 360 degree view with feedback. People to get work and Medical Insurance and Skilling


Wholesale Demand Aggregation by way of releasing plan of production and availability on real time basis. Taking Advance Orders and Matching of the Inventory, Production, Purchase, Planning leads to optimal utilization of resources. This is most Critical part in supply chain and when connecting with the ground reality /end user and markets.


Doctors to upload and connect Chemist & Patient, More Features for patient and chemist. Sales Force Automation and POS with DMS and SCM can be connected


Hyper local Delivery Freelance Agents; Flexible, Earn, Learn and Grow. Surge Rates, KYC Documents, Police verification, Reference Check and Code Based Pickup.


There is no tracking happening for Guards. No way except CCTV and statements of people to know what is happening/happened. Requirement of agencies and insurance companies, bosses, security agency.


Complete Management of Sales and Field Force. Attendance, Visit Plan, Beat Plan, Add, Edit, Delete, Comment, Locate, Chat, Reduce telephone expense, travel and reimbursement.


Skilling on map - Locate, Select , Compare, Feedback, Book and Interview. Govt., Training Agencies, state Govt., Corporate and People ..All connected. Real-time report to Govt. Process Based.



Technology enabled Comprehensive one stop solution across industry and geographies. Reach and connect people by Research , Efficiently, Analytically, Committed, and Honestly (REACH) thereby increasing the value of all internal and external stakeholders.


Effort toward not snatching away business from stores but strengthening them to compete with on-line stores as India is a country of 1300 million people and we cannot make people loosing business. Help them use technology and solutions to save and increase business. Take better and faster decisions.


Business, People , Society and Government needs to be offered affordable services and solutions that should be able to be connected for opportunities to be Competitive, Profitable, Learn, Earn, Grow, Secure ,Insured,connect with Banking and Finances.

Support Services

ZoHukum , ZoDeliver, JioHukum, ZoPOS are Modular Technology Platform (EES) which Automates End to End as Full Stack Solution on LAMP. The Genie on Palm is always asking for serving and satisfying.


Customisation as per the situation and requirement. Multiple technology and as in our product.

Gap & Effort Analysis

Multiple Domain Expertise helps in connecting and better involvement and results

Financial, Commercial and Legal

Automation and process improvement must take into account these aspects bring in technology

Trading & E Dealer

EDealer and Trading can be handled on real time basis along with closure of deals and payment of advance and confirming of logistics.


E Learning, Training, Skilling and Development.


Business Process, Cost Saving Consultancy as a division considering we have Domain and Software Expertise; Sales Support:Technology based and with own/associates.

Why choose us?

We Believe that Knowledge, Tools, Execution and Speed with involvement are 4 pillars which creates strong foundation for Depth, Breadth and Height of Business, Personal and Employee Health.

Industry Expertise

Technical,Financial,Processes,knowledge of more Thane 30 Industries

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Modular Technology Platform

Solve,Satisfied,save, Sell, Social and Serve

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Using Our Solution And Expertise Improves Productivity, Processes and People

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Profile, Team & Advisors

Palm Top Enterprises Pvt Limited was started in 2014 and by have developed solutions and tools for the benefit of the Industry and People. We always believed that Real Time Connectivity People, MIS, Analysis, shall help reliable handling of business and operations. Ease of doing business and technology at cheaper prices on Palm should be key in this era. ZoDeliver, ZoStaff, ZoGuards has been crafted based on the actual gaps in Industry and to attend pain points that remain without solution.


Rajesh Kr Soni

Er P Chatterjee

Er Vikas Wadhera

Er Sujeet Kumar

Advisors, Investors and Mentors

Dinesh Kr Goel

CA Samarth Garg

Dr K Misra

N Aggarwal

D Kochhar

Pramod B Sethi

Vinayak Joshi

CA Somnath Patil

Mr Nidhi Narang

Deepesh Gambhir

Kapil Gulati

Kapil Gulati

Our Users/ Pilots/ CLients/ Partners in Growth

We have operationalized modules and have successfully ran the Pilots, and regular solutions in last 3 years of development and improvement.Products are capitalized as assets

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